Gene W. Gilbert

(305) 504-2729

Gene Gilbert brings over forty years' experience in business sales, marketing and finance to the GilbertGroupRE. A graduate of the University of Miami with BA in Psychology and Human Relations, Gene laid the foundation for a career specializing in sales. His early years were spent working in the watch and jewelry industry as a manufacturer's representative. Success there quickly led to his becoming an independent wholesale diamond importer. Later as co-owner of a retail jewelry establishment with his father, Gene honed his buying and selling skills in one of the toughest business environments. The business catered to an elite clientele in the sale of diamonds, gold, silver and fine watches. Gene Gilbert Diamonds developed an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity and value. Gene's success was built on being a good listener and his attention to detail in every transaction.


Gene made the transition to Commercial and Residential Real Estate when his father chose to retire. He soon became proficient in all areas of private mortgage banking and enjoyed success in this pursuit. He represented investment property owners in Baltimore and secured financing for hundreds of clients from the smallest $20k Commercial deals to Luxury homes and Office complexes in the tens of millions. Once again Gene's reputation for integrity led to a flourishing career.


In 2007 Gene saw an opportunity he couldn't resist. As the price of gold bullion was beginning to escalate, he returned to the gold and jewelry industry. As Owner / CEO of Genuine Gold, LLC, Gene founded a Secondhand Precious Metals corporation. The business model was running three day buying events throughout Md, Va, Pa, De, and Florida in local hotels, accompanied by advertising on TV, newsprint, and direct mail. The company facilitated over 50,000 retail buying transactions in the Northeast US, as well as Florida, while maintaining BBB full accreditation with an A rating. Once again Gene's reputation for integrity and honesty in a tough business remained spotless.


Gene always yearned to return to Miami to live and work fulltime. This past year he joined his son Harris Gilbert, a longtime Miami resident, to partner in the challenging career of south Florida real estate sales. Just as Gene worked with his father early on, he is thrilled to be working with his son now. Over the years Gene's varied background has always maintained one theme. While working with clients in the most precious commodities, be it real estate financing or purchasing fine diamonds, Gene has developed the knowledge and ability to guide each client through a purchase or sale. His sharp negotiating skills go back to his early years as a diamond importer bargaining with the diamond cutters in Belgium and Israel. You will be fortunate to have Gene Gilbert at the negotiating table on your behalf.